The history of Empresas La Famosa, Inc. is synonymous with experience. Established in 1906, it is a company that year after year has reaped fruits to achieve what it is today. In 1906, Mr. Wilbert Parkhurst came to Puerto Rico with his family with the purpose of starting a business, so he bought a farm in Bayamón and began to harvest grapefruits and pineapples. By 1921, the products they harvested were diversified and they began to be canned in pieces, slices and in juice. The continued expansion of the Parkhurst family business saw many innovations and changes over the years. By 1971 the company consisted of Frozen Fruits Concentrates, Inc. (“Caribe” brand juice), Toa Canning Co., La Concentradora de Puerto Rico and Bayamón Can Company. Along with this, the company acquired Coco López, the most important ingredient in Piña Colada. In 1978 Borden bought Empresas La Famosa, which by then had already become the most modern industrial conglomerate. After several years, in 1994, Empresas La Famosa was acquired by an international conglomerate group of companies and has continued to operate in the same facilities until today. Empresas La Famosa, Inc. has its administrative offices and central warehouse in Toa Baja. It consists of a building of more than 200,000 square feet with the capacity to store both dry and refrigerated food. The company has a fleet of trucks, which distributes the products throughout the island.


Distribute our products maximizing opportunities to create sustained growth for our company for the benefit of consumers, customers, suppliers, colleagues, and shareholders.


Continuously strengthen our commitment in the food and consumer industry by offering the best quality products at competitive prices always taking into consideration our values of honesty, efficiency, commitment, excellence, loyalty, integrity, and respect.


  • Development of the "cold market" and non-traditional "outlets" in Puerto Rico.
  • Development for the Caribbean. • Growth and opportunity in the food service market.
  • Development of the Latin American region as well as the Hispanic market in the United States.
  • Business diversification outside the food sector.
  • Maintain our brands FAMOSA, CRIADA (Unmatched Quality), and COCO LOPEZ (The Original) with Success in the market.


Chain Supermarkets 46%
Independent Supermarkets 39%
Mon & pops 05%
warehouses / Club Stores 10%
Convenience Stores in process